Patterson, California
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Ordered over 6 weeks ago. Never revived any of my ids. Got scammed over 200 dollars. Don't say none of that b***s***, that i'm beastlyswagger or a competitor. Don't give me none of those b***s*** links ( That picture was taken months ago, and uploaded to the website. It's irrelevant to any current orders that were placed after sep. 5.

1. He takes your money.2. Will never respond to your e-mails after you order.

Don't say you responded, because you haven't.

The only e-mail i ever got after i paid was this mass e-mail sent 20 days ago.

F*** Delaware fakes.

Do not buy from this scammer.



This email is an update on shipping (sorry for the slight delay in getting back to you).

We have been working relentlessly on making and mailing orders.

We originally planned to do tracking numbers for some orders but we are not able to that because we know that some customers would inevitably post the tracking numbers online (potential security breach).

We just shipped out some big batch shipments and there are more shipments going out every week this month, so your order should be arriving soon.

If you emailed us any change of address updates or things of that nature, we saved them.

We plan on being around for a long time, there is a lot of money to be made in delivering orders. But we're not all about the money, we actually care about our customers as well. That's why we set the bar for best prices and best quality products when we came along. Before we came along, it cost people $200 or $150 just to order a single ID.

We strive to make sure our customers receive a great product at a great price.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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dont be fooled by all the websites out there


do not buy from delawarefakes he is very bad scammer i will have new website up march 2013!!!!


We are 100% LEGIT.

Beachwood, New Jersey, United States #571484

You use this company to scam someone with your fake id, but when they scam you you get pissed. They're just doing to you what you want to do to someone else. What seems to be the problem????????


We are 100% LEGIT

We been having issues with our government.We cannot ship out any IDs until September 2013.

We also cannot give out any refunds, but rest assured.

We are a legit site and we would never scam anybody.We always come through for customers.

to DelawareFakes Dot Com #571402

It was paid for september 10.Never recieved, I want my money back or my ID.


I need my ID now.Why won't you give us a refund if you care about your customers so much?


Delaware Fakes is fraud.I have reported them to the FBI who then referred me to Homeland Security because it is international fraud/money laundering.

Stay away from them.He steals your money and you do not want to get caught up in any investigation.


We are a legit site and we would never scam anybody. We always come through for customers.


We have a special web page coming very soon.


There is scammers and competitors writing phony stuff about us.

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