My delawarefakes.com order arrived recently and I'm really impressed. My friends received some New York IDs from DF in August and recommend me to them.

My delaware id looks legit, it has the holograms on front and I checked the blacklight ink and it has that. The blacklight ink is my photo, date of birth and the word delaware in a hollow font. I have never seen a real delaware license but this looks very real. I ordered my fake to a dorm and I was a little nervous about that, but the shipping was great and my fake was hidden well in small mail (my old id chief fakes arrived in a large shoebox).

I asked DF about shipping when I ordered and he said nobody can open mail unless they have a federal warrant, so that reassured me when I ordered too. I paid DF western union, it took me a quick trip to the store 3 blocks over from me. Communication was good, I know their busy so I didn't email them too much.

I had Florida fakes from id chief that were both taken, so I'm happy that my Delaware fake arrived. I can't wait to test this out. I recommend them if you want a great fake. id chief's fakes were good but my delaware fake is by far better.

(This review is for a novelty prop for my movie)

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Panama City, Florida, United States #628526

If a fake ID that's legit .is what you need . Email me .

My IDs are original and high quality an will pass any and all tests. I have been in this business for 12 years .

And all my customers are satisfied. Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied FOR ANY REASON teri.ID.wood@gmail.com

Lanark, West Virginia, United States #607822

theidleague@gmail.com is old IDCHIEF is still awesome as ever!!!delawarefakes is a big scam!!!


they are scammers!!!! they will take your money just like any other website online! this is the second website that I've been scammed with!

Morristown, New Jersey, United States #590425

Why have DF not responded yet? I have them over 800 dollars

to Anonymous San Francisco, California, United States #590760

Pshh... They scammed you, me, and many more...

I ordered early September 2012, and have not received any ids... I also sent a resend e-mail and never received a response from them...

Weymouth, Massachusetts, United States #585728

So I finally received an email back from DF that says I should send to a resend email....could this be an investigation by police? I am not sure if I should resend my info

Beverly Hills, California, United States #585083

Ordered the first week of September, paid over $100 WU for 2 IDs and got nothing and it's December. They ignored all my emails for 3 months until suddenly one day 3 weeks ago they replied with the link to their resend page, so I send the resend and NOTHING.

Why do you even bother??

Just let us accept you're a scammer and move on, it's like you're in denial trying to convince us we'll get the IDs even after you have our money, move on! Stop giving us hope.


I emailed you my resend order 3 WEEKS AGO, and have received no confirmation that it was received, and obviously no ID. So again I ask, when can I expect my ID that I paid for back in September? Or will I never see it?

Troy, New York, United States #581616

Delaware is a complete scam dont send them any money!!!


if youre going to send your money to delaware fakes, you might as well just send your money to me, hmu for payment info!


Honestly *** delaware fakes ive been waiting almost three months now


Ordered in September. Still haven't seen an id.

I even filled out the resend form. Delaware fakes is a scam. They haven't responded to my emails since October.

If you want to waste money on a product that will never come the Delaware fakes is the place for you.

Gütersloh, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #576990

Just resent my order to DF, although I am most likely wasting my time :/. All I want to know is if my IDs are going to come or not.

I need one for Christmas break and need to know if I should order from elsewhere. It has now been 3 months now since I sent my order in....

to Jim Glassboro, New Jersey, United States #577362

Dude ive been waiting to, i resent my order on 11/21 and still nothing so dont get your hopes up

to Jim Bozeman, Montana, United States #580035

go to Noveltyidstore.com i can show you my id and emails back and forth with the guy if you want

to Jim Germantown, Maryland, United States #580648

I resent my order the 1st and still haven't received anything. i give up


i just got my ID in 4 days from theidleague@gmail.com wowzwes!!!!BEER!!!


I resent my order to you. It was over 1000 dollars. Please let me know If u got it.


I too resent my order. Please also let me know if you got it.


Delaware fakes you can go *** yourself... not waiting a year to get my ID...

either send the ID's or give us our money so we can go to someone else.. 6-9 days?

good one.. worst ID site there is..

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