Will take your money, your information, and then POOF-- gone! Any e-mails that you send him will be responded to only by a copy-and-pasted response.

I think most of us want to just at least know what the *** happened! I heard through the grapevine that you only makes 10 IDs a day, and that's it-- fine! Just let us know that! Don't have the supplies?

Fine! Tell us! Look, I know you used to make IDs and you used to actually ship them out. I KNOW 100% you CAN make the ID and that you CAN ship them out.

***, I know some things I'm not going to post on here about you because I still have an ounce of respect for you and posting it would just wreck anything you have left. But the way you handle your customers is ***! At the very LEAST, pull a RGF and send an e-mail to everyone apologizing and say that you're getting caught up-- if you're even in the business anymore. Point is, people, there's a ton of other LEGIT vendors out there that would love your business.

With Zok gone it's harder to find them, but if you keep looking around you WILL find them; they do exist and they WILL actually send you a novelty ID.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Princeton, New Jersey, United States #582158

Still waiting on my id that I ordered over 3 months ago. Also filled out the resend page a week ago. I just want some info, I am willing to wait, but just update me please!

to Mitch S Somers, New York, United States #591085

Oh, I've been waiting since July. Trust me, it aint comin.


this guy is right, i even filled in the resend form as soon as delaware fakes came out with it, but still no response (since end of september, i ordered and paid september 5th) or id

to redgreenblue Princeton, New Jersey, United States #578496

yup so true^ been waiting for 2 months

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