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After Id chief got shut down, I was excited when I found another ID site that seemed legit.I ordered in late August before the decided to shut down and reopen.

I paid August 18 and the money was picked up 3 days later. I transferred the money through liberty reserve a couple weeks after and haven't heard anything since. They promised to send pictures of the IDs before they were shipped which never happened. He only personally responded to one of my emails the rest he sent out were mass ones.

I've emailed them

Well over a dozen times with no response. The ship time was supposed to be 6-9 days but that's also a lie as well.

I feel like they self promote and noone has actually gotten any of the products.My friends and I were college students just looking to have fun and we got scammed out 245

bucks plus the western union fee!

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I know what to look for before I send my money a real artist has no problem showing you his work. But unfortunately the legit people have either retired or are really hard to be found due to possible prosecution. IS A SCAM... HE HAS NO ID'S HE MADE HIMSELF TO SHOW YOU, HE JUST COPIES IT FROM GOOGLE SEARCH!! TAKES YOUR PAYMENT AND NO FURTHER CONTACT IS LOCATED IN AFRICA IS THE NEW ADDRESS FOR FLASEDOCUMENTS.COM ETC...SCAM HAS A BAD REPUTATION, HE IS A SCAM

Panama City, Florida, United States #628530

If a fake ID that's legit .is what you need .Email me .

My IDs are original and high quality an will pass any and all tests. I have been in this business for 12 years .

And all my customers are satisfied.Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied FOR ANY REASON


I wanted to believe him when he asked me to submit a resend and that I would get my ID at start of Jan after paying in Oct. It is now Feb and still nothing. He is a fraud


do not buy from delawarefakes he is very bad scammer i will have new website up march 2013!!!!he also slanders my good name.

to IDCHIEF Lanark, West Virginia, United States #607814

i got my nj license from him and it is freakin' awesome!!!

to chaz Lanark, West Virginia, United States #607819 is legit if nayone wants pics let me know!!!

to IDCHIEF #628531



Let me get this straight.

People are actually sending money to a website claiming to illegal fake IDs. And then they're surprised when they get ripped off.



DelawareFakes are TERRIBLE people. I got them a moneypak card and after almost a month of being on their mailing list where they would send out MASS messages to everyone, I took the liberty of actually making a scam report on different websites, including YouTube.

After that happened, they threatened me with my home address. Started posting it online and even threatening me to have a hitman called upon me if I didn't remove the video. So I did. ***, with all the money they've scammed from people, it's not hard to believe they got 10k racked up.

But anyways, do not trust this company. Terrible reputation, terrible people. A waste of life and space. Everyone on that staff team should tie their belts to the nearest curtain pole, and jump out the second story of their home/building.

Do it, no balls.


Where are my ids i ordered in september as well where is my ***

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